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For the best in professional de-pollution services, get in contact with A1 Metal Recycling today.


In our state-of-the-art Laois scrap yard, we provide the very best car scrappage services. De-pollution is removing hazardous material from a vehicle before the actual scrappage beings. If de-pollution does not occur, dangerous and toxic materials can seep into the surrounding soil and water, which can be hugely detrimental to plant life, wildlife and human health. Our de-pollution service removes these hazardous liquids from a vehicle. These liquids are then securely stored until they are removed by an authorised Hazardous Waste Collection provider. 

For additional information on our de-pollution services, please contact us today.

What does a De-Pollution Service Entail?


Our scrappage experts carefully remove all hazardous material from a vehicle.

The chemicals and parts of the vehicle we remove include:

  • Battery Acid

  • Petrol Tanks

  • Rubber Tyres

  • Oils and Residual Fuel

To discuss the importance of de-pollution, please contact A1Metal Recycling today.

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