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We offer the convenience of off-site scrap metal collections to clients all over Laois.

Off-Site Scrap Metal Collections

From our Laois-based scrap yard, we offer clients professional and convenient off-site scrap metal collections. This fast and easy collection service is available to agricultural clients, industrial plant clients, public bodies, and organisations.

For the benefit of clients, we can organise a scrap metal collection service that suits the schedule of your property. We provide a completely free scrap metal collection service. We also offer you the very best price for your scrap metal. Our off-site scrap collection service also includes scrap car collection. Once we scrap a car, we provide a certificate of destruction. The price we pay for scrap metal is based on current market rates.

To organise an off-site scrap metal collection on your property, please contact A1 Metal Recycling today.

The Advantages Of Our Off-Site Scrap Metal Collections




Our scrap metal collection service is easy to organise, and we will collect your scrap steel at a time that suits your schedule.

Value for Money


Laois Metal Recycling’s collection service is free, and we pay for your scrap steel. The price is based on the latest market rates.


We have been offering scrap steel collection in Laois for decades. Our extensive portfolio of customers is a testament to our professionalism.

To schedule a scrap metal collection service, please get in touch with our offices today.

  • What scrap metal does Laois Metal Recycling process?
    We process all types of material, including: Copper Iron Zinc Aluminium Lead Stainless Steel Nickle Bronze Brass Steel
  • I need a scrap yard near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are a Laois-based car and metal scrappage company that is available to clients all over Laois and the surrounding counties.
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